Cocoatech releases 6.0.7 for 10.6 Snow Leopard

Cocoatech has released 6.0.7 free for its Snow Leopard users. Updating to the new version can be done by clicking “Check for Updates” in the Path Finder menu. A list of changes can be found below. Visit or for more information.



 1. Dual Pane mode one key commands: copy, move, compress, decompress, swap.

 2. TAB key changes focus in Dual Pane mode.

 3. Dual Pane mode command notifications.

 4. Growl notifications for completed file operations. (If Growl is installed)

 5. Redesigned file operations popover window.

 6. Added a “New Folder with Selection” action.

 7. Path Finder offers to move itself to the “Applications” folder if it’s not already located there.

 8. Unlimited Undo. You can now Undo as many times as you like.

 9. Undo for “New File”, “New Folder”, “Make Alias”, “Make Symbolic Link” and “Rename” actions.

10. Preferences Color Editor.

11. Spotlight query limit increased.

12. Spotlight search now includes file label.

13. The next item is selected after deleting or moving items to the trash.

14. There is now an option to show the full file path in the title of the browser window.

15. Distinguished “Move to Trash” and “Delete” toolbar items.

16. Improved Spotlight search for Content, Keywords and Tags.

17. Better error reporting when creating files, folders, aliases and symbolic links.

18. “Apply to all” setting for copying/moving preserved.

19. Better selection functionality when double clicking an item’s name in the inline renamer.

20. Cover Flow pane contextual menu fix.

21. Menu item keyboard shortcut editor fix.

22. Fixed gitk running in the background.

23. Fixed capitalization in the multi-file rename feature.

24. Fixed animations problems.

25. Fixed a bug when updating Bookmark items menu.

26. Fixed a bug with choosing QuickLook from contextual menu.

27. Fixed a bug which switched active space when inline renaming an item.

28. Code clean-up and other small issues fixed.


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