Path Finder 7 officially under development

Path Finder 7

Some exciting new from us here at Cocoatech! We’ve officially begun the development process on Path Finder 7, a new version of Path Finder sure to bring new and improved functionality and features.

Stay tuned and follow along as we release more information, such as features, public betas, and dates.

We’ll also be holding open forum discussions on our support site next week, where you’ll be able to voice your opinion on both specific features in PF7, as well as talking about PF7 in general. We certainly appreciate the user input, as it plays a major role in our development process. We’ll announce these open discussions on our Twitter and Facebook pages, so be sure to follow those.

As always, you can leave feedback and vote on other ideas for PF7 on our feedback page.

Thanks for the continuous support!

-The Cocoatech Team.



  1. Richard

    Fantastic! Look forward to playing. I would really LOVE some simple, built in options to verify file transfers (under the hood MD5 hashing or similar).

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