Path Finder 7 Official Change Log

Hey everyone,

We’re super excited for tomorrow’s release of Path Finder 7 . We’ve already debuted Path Finder’s new icon for Version 7, and we were joyed to receive an overwhelmingly positive response so quickly. Below is the official Path Finder 7 change log, which highlights the biggest changes and fixes made in PF7.

Thanks to everyone for your direct feedback throughout the PF7 development process, as it was greatly influential in forming the final product. We hope you enjoy using Path Finder as much as we enjoyed working on it!

-The Cocoatech Team


1) Dropbox integration

  •  Automatically detects the installed Dropbox folder for the installed Dropbox application. In that case, asks to link to a Dropbox account.
  • Allows manual linking/unlinking to/from a Dropbox account in the preferences.
  • Offers standard Dropbox-related menu items in both contextual and action menu, just like Finder. This items are shown only if Path Finder is linked to a Dropbox account. Their presence in menus can be configured in Contextual Manu preferences, just like for any other menu item.

 2) FolderSync – Folder Comparison and Synchronization

  • An article detailing FolderSync can be seen here.

3) New copy/move delete engine

  • Much Faster
  • Should remove strange errors which sometime occur (OSStatus -36, -61, etc).
  • Based on a modern API, dumps a deprecated File Manager API.
  • Offers real folder merging when copied/moved folders have conflicting (same) names.
  • On file conflict, offers to stop/skip/replace/keep both/keep based on the time stamp options.

4) Re-designed Path Finder Desktop

  •  Completely redesigned and improved Path Finder Desktop, which solves the many desktop issues present in Path Finder.
  • Improved placement of icons on the Desktop.
  • Displays and arranges icons on any display in a multi-display environment.
  • Remembers which display icons were placed in the multi-display environment and automatically adds/removes them as new displays are added/removed.
  • Respects Desktop background image and color settings in the System Preferences and immediately responds to changes.
  • Compatible with Mission Control.

5) New, faster and improved terminal

  • Faster re-drawing.
  • Works with non-ASCII characters and different encodings.
  • Added option to execute a particular command on a session start.
  • Choose where to open a terminal session when executing “Open in Terminal” from the main menu: new window/new tab/new bottom module/new right module.
  • Offers simplified but versatile options.

6) Re-designed Icon view

  • Completely redesigned and improved icon view.
  • Re-draws faster.
  • Enables arranging/grouping.
  • Fixes arrow key selection (mirrors Finder default).
  • Offers improved in-line file preview for media files (audio, video, etc.)

7) Arranging/grouping items

  • Arranging items in groups based on a particuar file attribute, as in the Finder. This applies to the Find window as well.

8) Improved Find window

  • Supports a full range of view options- icon, list, and column.
  • Features new and greatly improved icon view.
  • Enables arranging/grouping of items.
  • Offers new “does not contain” and “is not” search queries, effectively excluding certain files from the search.

9) Editable Path Navigator

  • Path Navigator now allows typing in a direct folder path.
  • Path Navigator enters “editing mode” when double-clicked, exits that mode clicking anywhere else.
  • Sports autocompletion, offering available folders paths while users type a path.

10) Replaced “Drawers” with “Shelves” 

  • Drawers completely removed
  • Up to 4 configurable modules in the bottom shelf.
  • Up to 4 configurable modules in the right shelf.
  • 8 total, completely customizable modules.

11) Disable renaming and moving of users “home” folders.

12) Identify and indicate shared folders

13) Added ability to undo “Close Tab”

14) Added Closed tab history (can be used to open any of the previously closed tabs).

15) Added Dual Pane mode one-click copy/move functionality.

16) Added ability to invert selection.

17) Better indication of present and available menu items in the contextual/action menu preferences.

18) Separate “Remove from Dock” options for Finder and Trash icons.

19) Vastly improved column autoresizing in column view, if option is turned on.

20) Added menu item/keyboard shortcut to add selected items to the Sidebar.

21) Added support for more e-mail clients (AirMail, Mail Pilot and others)

22) Improved browsing and root focusing in the column view.

23) Fixed ignoring invisible files when compressing/archiving files.

24) Switching to and from the column view no longer resets columns (as in Finder).

25) Added ability to change Sidebar color in color editor.

26) Added QuickLook gesture (three fingers tap).

27) Added “Where from” file info.

28) “Sort by” toolbar item added to the main window toolbar.

29) “Tab Sets” toolbar item added to the main window toolbar.

30) “Drop Stack” item added to the main window toolbar (enables ability to use Drop Stack while sidebar is hidden)

31) Added “Close all Tabs” action in the tab contextual menu.

32) Greatly improved “Set as Default File Browser” functionality.

33) Path Finder now prevents the system going to sleep while long file operations are in progress.

34) Added ability to change the color of the Text Editor’s background.

35) Sidebar sections can be moved & removed via drag and drop.

36) Favorite section now has drag and drop functionality.

37) Improved synchronization between Finder and Path Finder tags.

38) Improved registration functionality.

39) Licensing verification updates.

40) Updated graphics

41) Many other small tweaks, bug fixes, and UI refreshments.



  1. Tom

    ZOMG I can’t wait … in Germany, it’s tomorrow in 1h 20m …can I have it then already? 😛 But seriously, this is SO exciting, where are my sedatives …

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