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Path Finder 7 Announced Feature: FolderSync

Hey Everyone,

In our last blog post, we talked about Path Finder 7’s first announced feature- Dropbox integration. This go around, we’re excited to announce the latest development for PF7: FolderSync

FolderSync is a Cocoatech-developed folder comparison and synchronization engine available exclusively in Path Finder 7. Aptly named, because that’s exactly what it does. In normal Cocoatech fashion, it combines the best of a simple user interface, an extremely customizable set of options, and the standard reliability that Path Finder has been known to provide for over 13 years. We’ll go into a little detail of this amazing feature below.

We’ll start by accessing FolderSync. Simply select two folders to be compared/synchronized, bring up the contextual menu, then select the “FolderSync” option. You can also access FolderSync in the “Command” menu, when in Dual Pane mode.

invocation 1

Comparing folders is one of the more simple tasks that FolderSync can do. Shown below is the FolderSync interface. Currently, FolderSync is in “Compare” mode, as indicated by the drop down menu on the top-right of the window.

On the left pane, we see the “Documents” folder, and on the right, the “Downloads” folder. These are the two items being compared, each having their contents listed below them.  Also note that the full path to the directory folders are shown in their respective columns.


Below, we can see the text color editor for different folders/files. This menu is brought up by simply clicking the “colors” button.  Each color has its own designated meaning, and each color is completely customizable. The default colors are shown in the image.


In the image below, we’ve brought up the preset menu by selecting “Presets”. We selected the preset “Mirror to left”, meaning we’d like to mirror the contents of the right folder to the left folder. In this menu, we can also select our synchronization options for each preset. The default options are shown in the image.

For the options we’ve selected, the items that are “orphaned”, meaning items that are in one folder, but not in the other, are to be deleted. Note the red “delete” tags on items that are orphaned. These tags are all clickable to toggle that action on the item.

The ones with “add” tags will be added from the right folder to the left folder. Again, you can select to leave out individual items by simply clicking on the colored tag in the middle “Action” column.


5 synchronization options and a comparison option- FolderSync’s full arsenal.


FolderSync’s capabilities are so powerful that we couldn’t possibly explain all of its features and capabilities in a single blog post, so we hope to provide screencasts that go into full detail of FolderSync.

At Cocoatech, we’re fully committed to making Path Finder 7 the most productive app out there, and FolderSync is another step in that direction. So far, we’ve announced Dropbox integration and FolderSync as two big Path Finder 7 features, but we’re not done yet. Be on the lookout for more Path Finder 7 announcements.

Thanks for your support! Stay organized.

– The Cocoatech team.


Cocoatech releases 6.0.9 for OS X Snow Leopard and 6.3 for OS X Lion and above

Cocoatech has announced the release of Path Finder 6.0.9 for OS X 10.6, and 6.3 for OS X 10.7 and above, available as a free update to all licensed users. This update can be downloaded by clicking “Check for Updates” in the Path Finder menu.

Danny Saad, Cocoatech’s Marketing and Sales Director, said, “Our Snow Leopard update encompasses the past few iterations of the Lion/Mt.Lion versions, which implements all the cool new features and bug fixes that have been prevalent in the other version for quite a while now. The 6.3 update is minor compared to the SL update, but continues to show that we’re dedicated to constantly improve Path Finder through the feedback and suggestions of our users.”

Change log for Version 6.3 on OS X 10.7 and 10.8:

1. Fix to file comparison tool selection.
2. Shared servers now show in the “Connect to Server” panel.
3. Able to select multiple files/folders using AppleScript (so far only selection of a single item was possible).

Change log for Version 6.0.9:

1. Fixed crash when re-sizing file operations progress window.
2. Fixed “Computer” Dock menu item.
3. Improvements of Spotlight search for tags, keywords and others.
4. Respects umask environment variable when creating new files and folders.
5. Added option to keep Dual Pane divider centered.
6. Added option to keep copied items in the Drop Stack until manually removed.
7. Improved compatibility with the third party applications Typinator and TextExpander.
8. Fixed “Use separate preview panes for dual browser” setting for some modules.
9. Fixed tab dragging animation on Retina MacBook Pro.
10. Fixed item selection after selecting “Reveal in Finder” action from other applications.
11. Fixed reserved key combinations in keyboard preferences.
12. Fixed a Bookmark Bar issue.
13. Fixed keyboard preferences for loaded plug-ins.
14. Fixed the positions of dragged items on the Desktop.
15. Fixed the desktop icon positions for new folder and new file.
16. Fixed selection of configured search locations in the Find window.
17. Fixed localization of items in the Sidebar.
18. Fixed blue desktop issue.
19. Fixed opening of some applications (previously being opened as text files).
20. Fixed some items in column view.
21. Fixed flicker when deleting items from network volumes.
22. Fixed label activation in contextual menu.
23. Fixed file size unit localization.
24. Fixed icon size slider for the icon view options.
25. Fixed slider behavior for icon view grid.
26. Fixed creation of aliases on the Desktop by holding cmd+option while dragging Desktop items.
27. Fixed Desktop flicker when changing desktop view options.
28. Fixed Desktop flicker when switching graphics card.
29. Fixes to Default directories in module menu.
30. Able to set default view type for new windows and tabs.
31. “Applied to all” checkbox in the “Name Conflict” dialog is hidden for the last copied/moved item.
32. Path Finder informs user that PowerPC binaries are not supported.
33. “Home” main menu improvements.
34. Extended support for preview of text-based files in the Preview module.
35. “Compare” action added in Dual Pane mode.
36. File comparison-ready (user can choose own comparison tool).
37. Initial Croatian localization.
38. Calculate all sizes in list view for network volumes.
39. Dragging files from the Dock into Path Finder desktop trash now trashes them.
40. Improved Batch Re-namer loading and window positioning.
41. One batch renaming session at a time.
42. Correct behavior of the WebDAV remotes in Favorites (previously opened in text editor).
43. Redesigned “Connect to Server” panel.
44. StuffIt compression engine updated to the latest version.
45. Improved “All windows/This window only” view option behavior.
46. Folder file info (number of items) shown on non-HFS volumes.
47. Added “Last Opened” and “Added” dates in file info panels.
48. Added option to sort items by “Date Last Opened”.
49. Added “Application” and “Item Info” sorting menu items for the view list options.
50. Added confirmation for successful registration.
51. When Dual Pane divider is placed in the center, centered Dual Pane is automatically turned on. Turned off by moving divider manually.
52. Selection of multiple files/folders using AppleScript (so far only selection of a single item was possible).
53. Other minor tweaks for improved stability.

Cocoatech releases Path Finder 6.1.5 for Lion/Mt. Lion

Cocoatech announces today that it has released version 6.1.5 for Lion and Mountain Lion. New to 6.1.5 are a few bug fixes and more customization options, as well as improved functionality with a couple third party apps. For more information visit http://www.cocoatech.com.


1. Improvements of Spotlight search for tags, keywords and others.

2. Respects umask environment variable when creating new files and folders.

3. Added option to keep Dual Pane divider centered.

4. Added option to keep copied items in the Drop Stack until manually removed.

5. Improved compatibility with third party applications Typinator and TextExpander.

Cocoatech releases minor update- 6.1.4 for Lion/ Mt. Lion

A few bugs have been fixed in the latest release for Path Finder 6. You can update to the new version by clicking “Check for Updates” in the Path Finder menu. A list of fixes can be found below. Visit http://www.cocoatech.com or http://www.support.cocoatech.com for more information.



1. Fixed file operations progress pop-up resize crash.

2. Fixed “Computer” Dock menu item.

3. Fixed generic PC icon in the Sidebar.